NGWA: Private well water services available during ‘shelter in place’ orders

Memo issued by federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency deems “water and wastewater” work essential to critical infrastructure.

(WESTERVILLE, OH — March 20, 2020) As the country continues to take measures to combat COVID-19, states and local governments across the country are beginning to enact “shelter-in-place” orders. These orders, most recently issued statewide in California, require citizens to not leave their homes unless absolutely necessary and temporarily stop operations of “nonessential” businesses.

In response to these orders, CISA has issued a memo outlining industries and services it deems critical to nationwide infrastructure vitality. Among the industries and services listed is “water and wastewater” work.

In response to this memo, the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) is reminding private well owners that services to their water systems including pump installation, water testing, and water well drilling are still available during any shelter-in-place or lockdown order.

“If you are currently drilling a water well or need work done to your water system, please contact your local water well contractor,” says NGWA CEO Terry S. Morse CAE, CIC. “Our members know their services are essential to their communities and are working hard to keep the water flowing for their customers.”

NGWA has been active during the pandemic, creating a resource center on its website for members that provides tools, a checklist for safe home visits, and more, to ensure groundwater professionals can continue to safely work during this unique time.

Private well owners are encouraged to visit for more information on testing, treating, and maintaining their water well. The Contractor Lookup tool will also assist well owners in finding an NGWA member or NGWA-certified water well contractor in their area.