Michigan Beaches Closed Due to High Levels of Bacteria

High levels of E. coli in the Great Lakes and Michigan’s inland lakes can cause beach closures throughout the summer.  E. coli enters Michigan’s waterways from a variety of sources […]

The Impact of PFAS on Michigan’s Coastal Communities

PFAS are “forever chemicals” that make their way into Michigan’s groundwater and affect the health and economies of coastal communities.  PFAS, or perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are hydrophobic chemicals found […]

Adopt A Beach Program Prevents Microplastic Pollution

The Alliance for the Great Lakes launched its Adopt a Beach program in 1991.  Since then, volunteers have removed more than 9.7 million pieces of litter, that’s 535,000 pounds of […]

Economic Transformation through Great Lakes Region Freshwater Initiative

A conference of mayors in the Great Lakes region focused on utilizing the area’s freshwater resources to fuel economic revitalization.  Many manufacturing processes require water, so the Great Lakes region […]

OSU to Receive $4.9M Federal Grant for Climate Adaptation Training

Ohio State University is getting $4.85 million of Inflation Reduction Act money to make first-ever “climate-ready” training affordable for the next generation of Great Lakes hydrologists, shoreline engineers, water treatment […]

Impacts of Historic Lack of Ice Coverage on the Great Lakes

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, this year’s historic lack of ice coverage could have a big impact on people living in communities around the lake, as well […]

Threats to the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes contain one-fifth of the world’s freshwater, yet they face multiple challenges.  Legislation like the Clean Water Act and the Great Lakes Compact help to protect and manage […]

Conservation Efforts to Protect Lake Sturgeon in the Grand River

Lake sturgeon were once abundant in the Great Lakes, but overharvesting and construction of dams that obstructed access to their spawning grounds led to the fish being designated a threatened […]

Michigan’s Livestock Farm Biodigesters Pose a Water Contamination Risk

Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s plan to generate all of Michigan’s energy from renewable sources by 2040 has contributed to the incentivization of the biodigester industry.  Changes in state regulations and tax […]

Little Manistee River Weir Boosts Large Game Fish Populations in the Great Lakes

The Little Manistee River Weir is a salmon and trout harvest and egg-take facility operated by the Michigan DNR Fisheries Division.  The weir is a temporary barrier placed between the […]