We’re all connected by water.

Water Glass
We drink it.
Children playing in water
We play in it.
Bath tub with shower curtain and water running
We bathe in it.
We flush it.
It's in our food.
Door Door Lights
It's in our homes.
It's in the air.
It goes down the drain.
It's in the ground.

Same Water. Same Responsibility.

We use water every day. It’s in our food, it’s in our homes, and it’s essential to our lives.
Explore our videos, songs, activities, and useful information to learn more about how we can all do our part in using water more responsibly and helping keep our water clean.


We are all connected by water, which means that our daily actions have a direct impact on water quality. Learn about common water quality issues in Michigan and the simple steps you can take to reduce pollution in our waterways.

Take Action


Test your knowledge on household garbage that’s waste, your water consumption, and learn about how you are connected to water. Get involved in your community and become an environmental steward of the Great Lakes.

Become A Steward


Utilize our lesson plans, learning activities, videos and more to educate your students about the water cycle and more.

Learning Activities

The Water Story

Follow the story of three rain droplets as they travel through the water cycle.

Explore The Water Story

Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans related to water science are split up into three categories:

Lesson Plans – Grades K-5
Lesson Plans – Grades 6-8
Lesson Plans – Grades 9-12

Homeowner Checklist

Want to know how you can help improve water quality? View the homeowner checklist for tips and guides on how to do so. There are tips for what you can do in your yard or garden and in the home.

The Homeowner Toolkit