Flushing out COVID-19: EGLE awards $10M in grants to detect virus in wastewater

The Michigan departments of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy and Health and Human Services have announced more than $6.5 million in grant funding, and more than $3 million in laboratory equipment purchases, for universities across the state and other partners to run 20 three-month pilot programs to test for the COVID-19 virus in wastewater. Read […]

Raw sewage discharged into Flint River after power outage at pumping station

A power outage at a pump station led to raw sewage being dumped over the weekend into mid-Michigan’s Flint River. Water quality tests on the Flint River will be performed, with the results posted on the State of Michigan website. Read the full story by MLive.

One Michigan county tells the story of a nation plagued by water pollution

The Pine River runs through five mid-Michigan counties, including Gratiot County, which is home to 27 concentrated animal feeding operations, the third highest of any county in Michigan, and has been impacted from chemical pollutants from other industrial sources. Read the full story by NPR.

Well owner seasonal inspections and maintenance recommendations

The performance of many private water wells varies seasonally; therefore, well owner maintenance and performance checks should be adapted to fit these seasonal changes. Read the full article by The Groundwater Association. 

Controlling ants the healthy way

To help control ants inside, wipe them up, along with their chemical trails, with an all-purpose cleaner, and fill tiny gaps, cracks and holes with caulk to make their entry difficult. (UC ANR) DAVIS, Calif. — Spotting ants in the home or yard is no reason to reach for insecticide sprays or call an exterminator. […]

Slow legislation: Flushable wipes become an issue in court and in law

Massive buildups of wipes and hygiene products congealed with greases and oils can cause significant damage to sewer systems and recently prompted the Public Works Commissioner in southeast Michigan’s Macomb County to file a suit in circuit court against nine different manufacturers of so-called flushable wipes. Read the full story by Great Lakes Now.

EPA releases how’s my waterway 2.0

EPA recently released How’s My Waterway 2.0 – a tool that assembles publicly available water quality data into a user-friendly package of information on the quality of our nation’s waters. The information the tool provides may help identify areas of need where green infrastructure can improve water quality, assist in the ecological restoration of water […]

17 beaches across Michigan are closed or have contamination advisories

Stormwater runoff and sewage overflow issues after heavy rains this week have caused problems at some popular beach spots across Michigan, closing at least 17 beaches across the state. Read the full story by MLive.

Epidemic of wipes and masks plagues sewer, storms drains

Between mid-March, when the stay-at-home order was issued, and the end of April, most of the 19 sewer and storm water pumping stations in Philadelphia had experienced clogs from face masks, gloves and wipes residents had pitched into the potty, Kenney said. Read the full article by Great Lakes Now. 

Lake Erie harmful algal bloom is expected to be smaller and less severe in 2020

Scientists predict the harmful algal bloom in western Lake Erie this summer will be worse than in 2018, but not as severe as last year. Read the full story by The Plain Dealer.