Long Lake Association

P.O. Box 257
Interlochen, Michigan 49643-0257

Website: https://longlakeassociation.com/

With roots dating back to 1921, the Long Lake Association in Long Lake and Green Lake Townships of Grand Traverse County is one of Michigan’s oldest riparian groups.

1. To preserve Long Lake as a natural resource and recreation area through protection and prudent use of its environs.

2. To be on guard for the health, welfare and safety of the resident community.

3. To be alert to the best interests of the membership in fiscal, economic and civic matters such as taxation, zoning, developments affecting property rights and value, pending legislation, law enforcement, etc.

4. To serve as responsible citizens of the community.

5. To do any and all things lawful as a non-profit corporation in furtherance of these objectives.

6. To re-affirm the ethical principal established in 1953 organization of this association, that the individual rights should be enjoyed and protected without trespassing on the rights of others.