Here’s how your ideas could help save Lake Superior’s Buffalo Reef

Millions of tons of copper mining waste are threatening to smother one of Lake Superior’s most productive fish spawning grounds. Officials want to know how they can prevent this from happening. A panel of federal, state and tribal officials want your input. The Buffalo Reef Task Force published a draft analysis of 13 options for […]

Monitoring blooms in the Great Lakes Basin

Ruberg and his Great Lakes and Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL) colleagues research techniques to monitor lake phosphorus levels in Lake Erie in an effort to predict cyanobacterial blooms and related toxin levels. Cyanobacteria is responsible for the blue-green algae in the lake and is harmful to human and animal life. Click here to read the full […]

Funding for farmers near Western Lake Erie Basin

LANSING — The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) is proud to announce a new program that will provide reimbursement to farmers near the Western Lake Erie Basin (WLEB) who conduct soil testing. Soil Testing to Reduce Agriculture Nutrient Delivery (STRAND) will help farmers make informed decisions about nutrient applications to cropland based […]