Manitowoc: Here’s why it’s unlawful to put grass clippings in city streets and what risks it poses.

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MANITOWOC – City of Manitowoc is again reminding residents it is unlawful to place grass clippings in city streets and alleys.

When mowing your lawn, the city asks that you direct the blower away from the street and clean up any grass clippings that make it there.

Why are grass clippings in streets a big deal?

Grass blown into the street can easily enter the storm sewer, which ends up in rivers and lakes.

Grass clippings contain phosphorus, the nutrient that turns lakes green with algae. One bushel of fresh grass clippings can contain 0.1 pounds of phosphorus — enough to produce 30 to 50 pounds of algae growth if it finds its way to a lake or river.