dozens of water bottles

Microplastics are everywhere, including the water we drink

People who think they can avoid drinking microplastics that are plaguing the Great Lakes need to think again. Microplastics were found in 93% of bottled water samples collected across 11 […]

Study estimates Lake Erie region worth $443 billion

The natural value of the Lake Erie region is $443 billion, according to a year-long consultant’s report prepared for the Ohio cities of Toledo and Oregon, as well as for […]

Trees submerged

High Great Lakes water levels cause havoc across Michigan

High water has hit Michigan with devastation and misery. Beaches have disappeared, roads, bridges and parks have closed and swift currents have swept loved ones away. Read the full story by […]

Trash on beach

A glass of cold, clear – plastic? No thanks

In 2016, researchers from the Rochester Institute of Technology found that 22 million pounds of plastic debris enter the Great Lakes every year from the United States and Canada. Most people don’t […]

lake level

Proposed study would look at higher precipitation levels in the Great Lakes region

A bipartisan group of representatives from New York is trying to pass legislation that would fund a study that could help states address the issue of rising water levels in […]