Protect Your Groundwater Day

Protect your Groundwater Day – September 4! Here are some great tidbits of information: – The average person in the US uses 80-100 gallons of water per day – Each toilet flush uses 3 gallons – Each shower uses 2-5 gallons per minute – Americans uses 25-40 gallons of water on laundry – Washing your […]

How One Kid Stopped The Contamination of a River

Stella Bowles was 11 years old when she first donned her rubber boots to test for water contamination in the LaHave River, which runs beside her home on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. “I wanted to swim in the water, and Mom’s always said no,” Bowles told CityLab. But in 2015, after hearing […]

Wild Animals Poop in the Woods, So Why Can’t My Dog?

It’s a beautiful day, so you head to the woods for a hike. You grab your dog and pack a lunch, along with a leash, extra water and a bowl for Fido, and last but not least, the poop bags. But if you’re hiking in the woods, and no one is around to see that […]

Water/Ways Exhibit Coming Soon!

Water/Ways is a unique exhibit that explores the essential role that water plays in our environment and society. Throughout the globe, water holds extensive cultural value as a symbol of power and force, grace and fluidity, and healing and cleansing. Water is also a natural resource that has dictated migration patterns, affected economic prosperity, and […]