Clinton Valley Chapter – Trout Unlimited

The Clinton Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited is one of four chapters located in Southeast Michigan.  Our geographic range covers the Clinton River watershed which includes Oakland and Macomb County.  This is the heaviest populated watershed in the State of Michigan and is home to roughly 1.4 million people.  The watershed covers 640 square miles which contains over 60 municipalities.

While it is rare for a watershed located is such a highly developed urban area to have any coldwater recreational resources, we are forunate to have Paint Creek and a couple other Clinton River tributaries that are home to naturally reproducing trout populations.

Our chapter’s mission is to restore and protect coldwater fisheries and their watersheds, ensuring our river environments remain healthy for wild and native fish, and for future fishing generations to enjoy.  This mission is primarily focused on the Clinton River watershed and our “gem” trout stream, Paint Creek.

The Clinton Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited bases its philosophy on these words: enjoyment, environment, and education.  We firmly believe that trout fishermen of all styles should have the opportunity to fish first quality water.  We feel that the enjoyment of the pursuit of trout come not from just catching them, but also from fellowship and the appreciation of the environs.

It is our goal to protect and restore the coldwater resources we have here in the Clinton River watershed while continuing to promote a sense of stewardship among our members and the residents of Southeast Michigan.  We encourage active involvement from all of our members during chapter events.