West MI’s wildlife conservation efforts aim to raise population of lake sturgeon

The Michigan Wildlife Council has created an exhibit highlighting sturgeon and how they’ve played a role in Grand River, Michigan. Listen to the full story by WXMI-TV – Grand Rapids, MI.

Boats cut through an algae bloom on Lake Erie near Toledo, Ohio. Photography: Aurora Photos/Alamy

Slimy lakes and dead dogs: climate crisis has brought the season of toxic algae

The toxic algal blooms on Lake Erie are part of a broader national phenomena that is being exacerbated by warming temperatures and nutrient pollution. Read the full story by The Guardian.

Scientist holding a glass of water polluted with green algae

Lake water to tap water: Making Great Lakes water drinkable is not easy

The increasing severity of harmful algal blooms in Lake Erie over the last decade means water plant operators must work even harder to create clean, safe drinking water. Read the full […]