These devices are catching litter before it ends up in lakes and rivers

Photo: The city is piloting a device that sits inside the catch basin and collects litter before it ends up in the sewer system. (Robin De Angelis/CBC) London, Ontario is piloting a new device to keep litter from washing into the city’s 32,000 catch basins and into local rivers and lakes.The LittaTrap is a mesh […]

Lake Erie AB

Large algae bloom in Lake Erie predicted for 2019

Photo: Western Lake Erie and an algae bloom as seen from a Landsat-8 satellite in September 2017. (NASA/USGS) NOAA and its research partners are predicting that the western Lake Erie will experience a large harmful algal bloom (HAB) this summer. This year’s bloom is expected to measure 7.5 on the severity index, but could possibly […]

Algae bloom creeping into Lake Erie from Sandusky Bay

Researchers say toxin-producing algae have formed in northern Ohio’s Sandusky Bay and are migrating into Lake Erie near Cedar Point, a signal the lake’s western basin could see massive blooms this summer. Read the full story by The Associated Press.