Lake Michigan and Lake Huron to gain nearly a foot of water, 8 trillion gallons by summer

Current forecasts predict above average water levels for all the Great Lakes this summer, with Lake Michigan and Lake Huron potentially reaching record levels. Read the full story by

Red swamp crayfish could be next Great Lakes invasive

Scientists are concerned about the impacts of the red swamp crayfish on Great Lakes ecosystems and are mapping out possible areas at risk of species invasion in order to focus efforts on reducing species introductions. Read the full story by Great Lakes Echo.

Michigan extends PFAS chemical warnings for Huron River

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is extending a warning first issued last August regarding unsafe PFAS levels in the Huron River. Read the full story by the Huron Hub.

Former Michigan DNR chief tells story of how salmon got to Great Lakes

Close to 10 million Chinook and coho salmon swim in Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and Lake Superior. There were none when Howard Tanner started as the chief of the Michigan Department of Conservation’s Fish Division in 1964. Click here to read the full story.

Michigan landfills are a small source for PFAS in waterways, study says

A new report from the Michigan Waste and Recycling Association suggests toxins called PFAS are entering Michigan waterways from a surprising source: landfills. Read the full story here.

Newly-hatched invasive grass carp found in Maumee River

A genetic analysis conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey recently confirmed that newly-hatched fish collected from the Maumee River during the summer of 2018 are grass carp.The USGS says grass carp are one species of invasive Asian carps that threaten the Great Lakes. Click here to read the full story.