2018 Farm Bill has increased funding for voluntary conservation programs meant to address environmental issues

The new Farm Bill tripled the amount that goes to the Regional Conservation Partnership Program to $300 million. The partnership helps farmers in areas like the Great Lakes who want to improve their soil and prevent nutrients from running off their land and polluting waterways. “This boost of investment is a real win, not just […]

Businesses are eliminating plastic straws to reduce trash and save Lake Erie

Absolut Vodka and Malibu Rum have given $5,000 to the Lake Erie Foundation, after a campaign to eliminate plastic straws saved 300,000 from the Put-in-Bay trash this summer. Absolut has teamed up with Keep America Beautiful, a national organization encouraging people to take action toward improving and beautifying their communities. Locally, Absolut is working with […]

Belle Isle flowing towards recovery

The 1987 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement designated the Detroit River as one of 43 “Great Lakes Areas of Concerns” or contaminated sites. Since then, agencies have come together to improve the water quality of the Detroit river by designing a restoration plan for the forest flats, restoring habitat for fish and wildlife, and removing […]

How climate change is impacting the Great Lakes

The federal government recently released a National Climate Assessment report that broke down how our changing climate is expected to impact the planet region by region. Jenna Jorns is one of the writers of the Midwest chapter of the landmark report. She is based at the University of Michigan’s School for Environment and Sustainability and serves […]